Saturday, June 14, 2008

5 bucks a gallon?

We are seeing early signs of stability in this region, including my country. Myanmar is now going through conflict as the reigning junta refuses to let volunteer enter the country to help hurricane victims. This creates quite a stir lately because their people are suffering and without any outside help, things are bound to get worse. I think the Myanmar junta's action/decision is justified. Myanmar, unlike ours, is a nation in conflict. The reigning government is concerned about rebels who will attempt to make good use of the instability and chaotic conditions, caused by the disaster, in making their move to overthrow the existing ruling party. there are fears of clandestine operations, as most foreign countries are not straight in their intentions, using the cover of relief volunteers to move in supplies to the opposing forces. Remember the Cuba, Fidel Castro and Bay of Pigs? CIA agents supplied rebels with weapons to get rid of Castro. At that time, Fidel Castro was launching an Agrarian Revolution (using lands in their efforts in agriculture). Such revolution is not much of a threat but at that time there were lands that were owned by American-based companies. So that won't be good for the US' economic and political influence in the region.

1.Food Supply
Back to our beloved country. A week ago, my dad and I went shopping at a local hypermarket - for groceries of course. It was quite unusual to see a 20' x 20' space in the hypermarket was empty. We asked the staff and the said "Its been, like, 3-4 days since this store had any rice and sugar". 3 to 4 days? If it was your local sundry shop, I surely would be surprised at all. But the hypermarket? Especially our nation's favourite hypermarket? Where did all the white rice and sugar go? Who ate all the rice and sugar? I wonder how will it be until we experience shortages of Pepsi? Or soap and shampoo?

I have about shortages in supplies from the news - yeah, i also read in the paper that they were planning of using yam and tapioca as replacement nutrition. Then again, it could be some sneaky opportunist scum trying to make big profits out the situation. Lets do some economic revision: Overwhelming demand equals reduce in supplies. Reduce in supplies equals price hikes. Price hikes plus overwhelming demand equals tons of money. Price hike plus overwhelming demand multiply with scumbag equals a rich scumbag. I would like to conclude that some businessperson gets a headstart and starts stockpiling supplies in their warehouses. They would wait until prices start to skyrocket, then deliver the stockpiling to the desperate consumer and rake the cash. Well, can't blame them for it. It is BUSINESS - two things: opportunities and max profits.

If i would have to blame someone, it would be those smuggling scumbags. To smuggle such goods, especially in large quantities, is an act of treason. They're ruining the economy and stability. Someone shoot them.

2. Fuel Prices
It was a surprise which many had expected. Fuel prices had spiked, upwards. 78 sen for petrol and some RM 1 hike for diesel (RM 2.70 and RM 2.50). Many are upset by this decision. I would like to urge the people out there to not organize any demonstration whatsoever. The government has spoken. They can't and will not take it back. I remember during election there was this politician who said that if this party was in charge, they'd make sure that oil prices will not go up, instead, it would go down. You know what I think? BULL-HORSE-DONKEY-SHIT! Oil prices are not determined by a single nation alone. It is determined by the global market and supplies. And our low fuel is price is thanks to the subsidies provided by the ruling government.

How lucky are we? Very Lucky. We are looking at the natural laws of economics kicking in: Low Supplies = Higher Price. We are running out of fossil fuel as we speak.

I say it is a good move for the government to take away the fuel subsidies. Are you angry because you did not benefit from your tax money? You shouldn't. There are scumbags, dirtbags, and douchebags that are making a quick buck from the fuel subsidies by smuggling at the borders. And they are making profits from YOUR tax money. And they could be laughing all the way to the bank right now. So, is RM 2.70 per litre so much to pay for? Stop being the ungrateful child because in Singapore, it cost S$ 2-3 per litre which is about RM 6 per litre. Imagine that. We have the best price in the region. Thats why the [insert witty attachment here]bags are flocking into ours and stealing our fuel.

Our nations are experiencing, as of this month, about 12% inflation due to the shortages. It is expected to rise to 25% by the end of the year. This means stuff would cost more. The government has ways to make you feel mixed feelings. First, they give you the goods new and put a hefty increment in your paychecks. Then, they dish out the bad news telling you stuff would cost 50% more. Boy, I was damn excited when I got an unbelievable increment in my monthly allowance. Now it barely made any difference. Im still grateful though.

Malaysia, we have an excellent economy compared to other nations in the region. 25% inflation a bad thing? Other countries have unbelievable inflation rates you would not believe: some up to 300%. For example, an ex-USSR country, you would have to be a millionaire just to buy vegetables from a local grocery because they cost you millions of Rubles.

I love this country.

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