Monday, October 10, 2011

2011: the year of unaccomplishments

just browsed through facebook. rummaging the old photos, by me and from friends. I miss the old times. everything was great (well, everythings kinda great now). youth is a wonderful thing. i miss the life. i miss the old friends. and i miss the joy of being able to accomplish something.

this year, i have adopted several bad work ethics. a lot did not get done. some things did not go well as expected. I am going to lose some important things. I am going to lose my postgraduate status. I might lose the trust of several people. i might as well stop whining about work now. gotta keep a positive, right?

you have to admit. at this age, you could feel the pressure to be tying the knot. the other workmates have been bugging the still-single ones about getting married. One may goes as far as  trying to be a matchmaker. I have nothing against, and its great, but I hate to be forced into anything. but yes, i am currently interested in someone - is it mutual? now that is something i cant answer. i wouldn't make a bold step anytime within this year or the next. I don't know if i can handle the outcome - good and bad.

I'm taking too much unnecessary precautions. I avoid being nice to the opposite gender. I usually limit eye contact when talking to them. i try to keep conversations as brief as possible while trying to be polite. Heck, even when I'm in the mood of flirting I'm calculating the risks of actually getting serious its-crazy-i-know. I don't actually lead a tragic love life. I'm pretty tragic at relationships. I would bomb it out crazy nowhere. sometimes, i would bomb a relationship even before it has begun. i'm suicide-bombing my own love life. I wish i could have it normal like other people do. Introduce ourselves. Go out. Get to know other and stuff like that.

oh, yeah. I've just downloaded Bastion on Steam. Its huge fun. The colour palette in this game is very lush and dazzling, in an arty kinda way. get an XBox360 controller for Windows. its goes pretty well with a lot of games these days.

p/s: I've also picked up a Warhammer 40k's Assault on Black Reach miniature set. the paint set was rather expensive. Will be doing some assembling and miniature painting with the sister this coming holiday. I would probably let my little brother paint the Orks. Im watching and downloading some lessons on miniature painting techniques. Check out awesome paint vids by Les Burley on youtube and his site on His brush control is totally wicked.


pnnz said...

xpa la...dont be stressed abt knots and all. at least u're a guy kan?? hehehe... maybe r/ships' jst not ur style. klu ada, ada la kan??

an_nie said...

kalau ada jodoh tak ke mana juga..hehe