Friday, September 23, 2011

she has a well-rounded personality

the world as i see it.

i have just listened to his latest single this week. its a pretty good song. the lyrics are pretty well thought out and i love how the lyrics have more than one layer of interpretation. One, describing how the world is loveable. Two, using the same words to comparing the loveable wonders of the world to describe a loveable loved one.

Songs like this are the reason why I really love performances by Jason. Its an escape from the American Idol and Akademi Fantasia norms (or trend) in singing and music in general - over-the-top, overly vain and critical emphasis on one's vocal power with on-stage choreography; rather than the enjoying the song the way it is written. Jason's music reminded how live music can be much more enjoyable through his organic performances. There's no need for blinding blazing lights with every color in the spectrum. No need for glittering snazzy clothes, changed in between every two songs. No need for group of dancers, who dance moves sometimes have no coherence with the song performed.

When I say organic, I don't mean its "natural". You can be natural but not be organic. To me, natural is when you can pull a song off or made it enjoyable to listen with little effort. By organic I mean that the performance is natural and it does not feel highly choreographed. Its full of simplicity, like how Jason has a beerstein of tea on stage with him onstage. Its all so relaxed, warm and comfortable. just like singing around a campfire. I like to be reminded how simple can be enjoyed from time to time.

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