Monday, March 08, 2010

charcoal for diarrhoea

few months back i found out that charcoal can be used as a remedy for diarrhoea. im not sure which charcoal but it involves activated charcoal, charcoal made very porous with large surface area ideal for absorptions and chemical reactions. I saw a few charcoal tablets in farmacies but im really curious about those charcoal in its raw form. Are they on sale? Are they safe for consumption? Which ones are they?

I also heard they work wonders in reducing flatulence.

I'm rather curious and concern because I want to make sure its safe to grab a few from the barbeque pitt when the time comes.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

how? which orifice do we shove this charcoal in?

Zen said...

well, there are manufactured black tablets in your local drugstore.

as for the charcoal, well, i really hate to disappoint you. You don't actually "shove", more like "consume". So, not in the posterior orifice.

Eric G said...

it shud be okay. tried it before. steak came out from the pit.

Zen said...

which pit?

pnnz said...

now don't you go swallowing any charcoal chunks