Friday, February 26, 2010

meet the new rig

they say dreams really do come true. I've drooled on the pages of magazines. Now, I can drool on my own desk.

dreams requires great sacrifice: money (obviously) and not going out for "sushi and good times" with friends. It was unbelievable that i managed to round up enough cash, and unbelievable still, i had give it all away at once. Could be the boldest move yet this year and I will have to cut a lot of corners to make through the upcoming months. This better be worth it.

what to do after a big upgrade? Re-install some old games from the shelf and push all settings to maximum, hence the Nvidia tagline experience ("Play it the way its meant to be played", finally).


Hafriz said...


Zen said...


phenom II x4 955 (3.2 ghz)
Ati HD 5770 1gb
2gb DDR
500gb HD
500 watt Cooler Master PSU
21.5' Samsung (HD, of course)

like, finally.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

"sushi and good times"?

Zen said...

lets just good times.

sushi is affordable nowadays. so... sushi and banter away!