Thursday, August 13, 2009

good news bad news and stuff

Having to go through a series fortunes and misfortunes can often throw your mind off-balance.

First, I found out that I had a new nickname given to me by the afternoon classes. Unfortunately, I'm not the most I'm the teacher "with the random stories". Come to think of it: I do tell them random stories during relief classes. I began to notice this after I had a long chat at the cafeteria and a student came to me telling me that I'm late for a relief class (?). Yea, so I went la. I was relieving a science teacher. As I came in, they greeted me, and they go:

"Teacher, tell us more random stories. Like last week."

And they'll be staring at me, waiting. I'll be staring outside the window (or the ceiling) for like 5 minutes and then, I abruptly go - "Hey, did you know that......etc etc?" I was a bit flattered when those kids were following me like some cosmetic/massage chair/special offer saleswomen, trying to get me into their class. A lot of teachers were out this week because they had to attend so many workshops and meetings. I should go out do more stuff or read more. I think I'm beginning to run out of stuff to talk about.

On the flipside, my random numbskullery with Dewi and Nurhayati at the cafeteria did cost me a bit of my reputation as a teacher. Some were shaking their heads listening to my idiotic disgusting jokes. They will NEVER see me the same way again. Didn't really matter though. They were from the morning session. Ha, won't be teaching them anyway. I made fun of their names and stuff. Fraternizing with girls, I also found out a secret about some girl named Margaret. So, I was like "yea, that's cool".

Above all, I realized how I was not really behaving like a teacher should. I would have to fix that someday. For the time being, screw it.

Bad news. yea, bad news. Someone broke into my room last nite and stole my phone. And my roomate's phone. And his phone charger. And his new pack of cigarettes. This is going to cause some financial headache. Thankfully that was all he took. I was glad he didn't took my laptop, or worse, my car keys.

Thank god for that.


Eric said...

ha? hp ko kna curi jen?

Zen said...

yea. aku tgh bersedih la skarang ni.

baru sj aku mau save duit.

RiEn_Akio said...

Yea, I heard frm ur roommate... Kesian kmu... (sorry, this is seems to be a-decade-ago entry, huh?)

Anywho, abt one statment u said... about "not acting like a teacher"... To me, as long as you teach the kids something valuable/important/useful/etc (esp. in school grounds)... You're entitled with the "teacher" label... So if anyone said you're not acting like one... well, screw them! LOL