Friday, August 07, 2009

blue screens and being grateful

Its, like, the umpteenth bajilion times this had happened today. A consequence of my efforts trying to squeeze out every single drop of performance out of the poor machine. Hardware and driver tweaks have lead to incompatibilities and other mishaps - hence the blue terror you see before you. They say you haven't squeezed out every single drop if you haven't used them for less than five years. This machine here has only made it halfway.

Sometimes I wish a kind soul would sent an M17 my way. I'd skip practicum for that to happen.

Nevertheless (or however), I'm still (very) grateful with having this piece with me. It has done me great service. And it can still do awesome things for me; burning awesome music on the awesome CDs, keep important (and not-so-important) stuff, play some wonderful music, good movies and read insightful articles, learn awesome stuff fro Youtube, web surfing - including writing this post rite here. I guess its going to keep serving me for a couple more years. Until its time to do what has to be done.

*kisses the LCD screen*

I'm going to stop squeezing juice out of the machine. For now. It deserves to perform the way it wants to perform.

What are you grateful for today?

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