Thursday, February 26, 2009

We have a theme song now?


Its one of those spur of the moment (is it rite? is it spur?) when we decided (since its mutual agreement is a rare thing, other deciding its time to get something to eat) to agree on something: a theme song. What is it for? God knows. We thought it was cool, so that settles it.

How did we come to this agreement? Well, democracy of course. Eric and I totally agreed. Najib was ok with it. Nazmi and Daus didn't gave any comment on the matter, so we'll take that as a yes. Wawan strongly disagrees (F*** YOU! DEMOCRACY WINS!) Jackie was ineligible to vote because he's not a resident and he rarely visits us (sombong. mentang-mentang ada kawan baru di Cemara).

Yeah. So the votes were unanimous and democracy prevails. Invaders Must Die is officially our theme song. Its fast, adrenaline pumping and most important, very MANLY. There weren't any other song proposed due to popular suggestion (or shall we put it as "purposely rejected"). If you'd like to listen to it, its available on the widget located conveniently on my sidebar.

p/s: its NOT techno. its electronica.

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