Saturday, February 14, 2009



As a boy, I've seen my share of real life violence and gore. Or least on the screen. I'm not talking about those movies or TV shows or whatever. I'm talking about Holocausts, or, even worse, Faces of Death (1, 2, 3, and so on). What kind of videos are these? They are videos of real event, where the lives of the stars are spent on the recorder. Ranging from murder, accidents, freak accidents and punishment. Just how graphic? Very graphic. I'm sorry if I had brought the curious kitties out of all of you, but if you haven't seen them, make sure it stays that way. SERIOUSLY.

It made me think (after a brief moment of traumatic shock). We humans are just lumps of soft meat and bones, aren't we? I mean, it seems very easy and convenient to see some unfortunate guys to splatter out like that. Turns out we're not that tough after all. More terrifying: its what happens before they finally kick it. That final desperate vocalization. They're not that long shrieking sound like we see in the movies. They were rather short and abrupt. I keep having dreams about those short, abrupt screams.

After watching these videos below, I began to think (again). Every time I play those games I play (COD4, CS:S, and all), it feels different. Every click on my uber-awesome mouse somehow means something. Now, every barrage of munitions I send towards my AI enemies feels different. I thought, "they were shooting at real people with real lives" and "here I'm doing something closely similar but why didn't feel anything?" Instead, every kill is a joy worth celebrating. Far from being punished, we are rewarded for expressing extreme prejudice towards our fellow man (or virtual men, that is).

You have been spared. The following video is captured at a distance and images of men are obscured by thermal imaging. Most of the gory details have been removed. But I think I can see pieces lying on the ground. This is a compiled footage of an Apache gunship on strafing missions. I could only imagine the sheer terror those fleeing men below must have felt.

Gory details is not obvious in the next one. Its a propaganda video filmed by an Iraqi sniper team. The purpose: to help further promote Jihad and boost morale of the Iraqi resistance. It was broadcasted on national television. This team has inflicted 688 allied troop casualties and operate in a civilian vehicle. Even though there's no blood or any kind of splatter, the way those men collapsed to the ground is VERY REAL and VERY TERRIFYING. Especially at 13:40. He's a confirmed kill.

Am I here to justfiy whether these people deserve what happened to them?

Nope. Never been to war before. I live a safer life and type scathing remarks safely behind the computer screen. Nope, my words don't worth shit.

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