Monday, October 20, 2008

Pah! Show Off!

Towards the final week of the semester, everyone's striving hard to excel in their studies (or just plain struggling trying to complete assignments on time). Well, mostly trying to finish their assignments on time because of their lack of initiative, which leads to extreme procrastination and then having them whine in regret that they should never postpone work that could be done in a couple of days and should always start early. This, happens only towards the of the semester. A new semester means resetting their brains back to their original shameless procrastinating self which is very shameful for a couple of university students to act like a bunch of shameless schoolchildren who shamelessly procrastinate their homework and then at the final moments they managed to conjure a shameful piece of work (there are some who gave up and prepare themselves for the inevitably shameful "F'" in their transcripts which then in turn having them shamefully repeat the same subject of which shamelessly they would fail again) and submit the shameful piece of cow pudding the lecturers, shamlessly, and then put the whole university to shame with such piece of shameful work of which they have to grade and finally, feeling shameful, compare with other universities where the students have the decency to start their work early and compile them weeks before submission. Shame on you. And me.

A lot of the others also whine about the loads of assignments towards the end of this semester, which in turn makes this post a cliche and less than unique. However, I'm not going to impress anyone with the ramblings on the consequences of my silly uncurable (incurable?) gamete disease of pro-cras-ti-na-tion. But I'm going to write about something that will impress me (or people who are like me, good luck finding them). In the midst of the hectic final weeks of study, I am able to find time to satisfy my inner gaming geekiness. I am to gloat of my recent achievement. Observe:

This is my steam account page

Steam rating of 10. Thats a minimum of 30 accumulated play hours.

By this, I am prepared to face the severe consequences that will be severely inflicted on my grades, again.

I am told that bloggers are a group of unique monkeys. Just like you and me.



The Caped Crusader said...

You play portal? best gile.

Zen said...

yea, its a part of the Orange Box.

had fun playing with portals rather than solving puzzles. BUt the puzzles themselves are great too.

puteri said...

consider this...

everyone has different learning styles and ways of doing things.

some people like to do things earlier and some people do things later (like you and me! i do things last minute too)

it's not's just different


Zen said...

wow, seems like everyone here has the same learning style.

LOL! Yay homogenous!