Monday, October 13, 2008

First Tag

Say it like you mean it! YAY!

Got tagged by Izza (thanks mate!) . I don't get tagged quite often so I'll be doing this.

10 Food I really long for:

1. Fresh Celery and peanut butter
2. Nasi kosong berlaukkan harapan.
3. My sister's specialties
4. Mee bandung and Nasi putih
5. Soto/bakso and nasi putih
7. A can of cream corn
8. McFlurry! Now they have berry and mudpie!
9. Mamee Tomyam + Telur Goreng + Sayur + Sosej+Tauhu + Squid Roll +Etc -
10. Izza's chewy cookies (LOL!)

10 stuff I like to do

1. Play PC games
2. Toilet reading
3. Collecting stuff
4. Playing my guitar and then sing. Sometimes I just do either.
5. get some alone time.
6. Lie down
7. Do something unexpected
8. Offend people
9. Surprise others
10. talk trash

5 types of women I adore

1. Women who tell me where I went wrong, politely
2. Ones who are humble yet proud
3. Ones who are strong but also delicate at the same time
4. Ones who are "different"
5. Ones that know when not to talk so much

5 things I do when feeling down:

1. Lie down
2. Laugh to myself
3. Alone time
4. Play dem PC games
5. Taking long walks or long bus rides

5 things I do when I'm happy:

1. Talk. A lot
2. Play my games (pwning & don't mind if im losing)
3. Treat myself to something
4. Sing out loud
5. Hang out with frens

10 ways to win my heart

1. be genuine
2. respect yourself, and me in the process
3. Tell me where i went wrong and help me
4. Tolerate the people around me (family + frens) cuz I can't stand them either
5. criticize but never ridicule
6. My boots don't need shining. Say it only when you mean it.
7. be moderate
8. I think I shouldnt be too demanding, to be realistic.

5 junk food I enjoy

1. some of those sour strips (blue, preferably)
2. Dried guava (is this junk? Its full of vitamins they say)
3. Mangga muda with serbuk asam Tanjung Aru-style
4. Rice crackers (again, is this junk food?)
5. Ice-Cream

5 things I wish could happen soonish

1. Payday
2. The best day of my life
3. Me on stage singing with me guitar
4. Weekends and ultimately, holidays
5. The day I become a good man

10 ridiculous things I wish to do before I kick it

1. Go to war, get involved in urban combat and see how long I can last.
2. Walk through a number of interstates. Hike, I mean.
3. Blow up an old building. Bye bye National Heritage. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
4. Be world champion in something
5. Get into a fistfight and emerge victorious
6. Have a gun collection (at least some Airsoft)
7. Write a book on something that makes me a controversial figure.
8. Kick someone in the ass, literally.
9. Using my superior skills, sneak into an establishment (preferably government's) and break into private areas, then get out undetected. Sneaking can be the ultimate thrill.
10. Get on top of the tallest building and shout "PRICK!!!" at the top of my lungs

10 recent songs / music I'm really into:

1. Mr. Curiosity - Mraz
2. Beautiful Mess - Mraz
3. Eye of the Tiger - Rocky OST
4. Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
5. Breakable - Ingrid Michaelson
6. Unplayed Piano - Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan
7. Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson
8. Have you ever been mellow - Olivia Newton John
9. You have killed me - Morrissey
10. Honest Questions - Daniel Bedingfield

Im tagging:

1. I don't know anyone who haven't been tagged yet. So, if you're reading this, considered yourself tagged. Do comment when you do. Don't be shy.

Oh, yeah. Here's some:

2. Puteri Nurul
3. Im's
4. Jess
5. Amanda



Elvie DeChantal said...

gee, i nvr rly bothered to answer mine. hehe.'s a secret =)

Zen said...

this is rather optional. your choice...

puteri said...


Elliott said...

Shit. You seem like a nice boy. I might be that girl you described. But I'm 10 years older than you. Life sucks.

Zen said...

Well, Elliot.

If you are really like that, I'm sure someone will find you to be very special. Soonish.

If you really are like that, many good men out there will adore and appreciate you.

Thx for crashing the blog.
Btw, Im not really a nice little boy. Done bad things but now im trying to make up for them.

elliott said...

Lol. And you sure know how to joke.
You're pretty insightful for your age. And probably will get better as you age. Gawd, i sound like a grandmama. So all the best young man.