Monday, February 14, 2005

Tsunami: Fear of large volumes of water.

People around asia seems to kinda freaked out from the Dec 26 disaster. From the way i see it, people from the west coast of Sabah in Borneo should not be too freaked out as well.... our western coast is "literally" out of the Volcanic Ring surrounding Asia. Earthquakes could happen but undersea quakes.......not likely.

Yes, it might be smart to run towards the hills, but tsunami in west coast of sabah could hardly ever happen, only if god wills it. When the quake struck in Sabah during Chinese the New Year holidays, i was fast asleep. When i woke up, i saw all my pets were still sleeping( i rear a many kinds of animals). In my opinion, animals can sense danger way better and earlier than humans could. it was pretty dumbfounding that neighbourhood seems deserted.
i live near(very near) to melinsung beach, which is bad place to be in case a tidal hits.
Its been 700 years since the last largest tsunami hits japan and a couple of decades after Hawaii was swept by a tidal wave. Yes, the tsunami is unpredictable, and scary but its inevitable. Whatever happens to the planet in the past WILL happen again like extinction, the TOTAL WIPEOUT, and the separation of the continents.

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