Thursday, February 24, 2005

Realizing reality and truth........

Reality really snaps. truth really hurts. But its all for our own good. However, people tend to run away from both. For the most of the time, it goes the same for me too. Almost everyone had trouble swallowing the truth whole,..until some point at their life.

We cant run away from the truth. Everything in the universe will unfold as it should. Whether you like it or not. No matter how hard we try getting away from it all our life, we will have all revealed after death, ,most probably in the afterlife.
I truly believe that there is an afterlife. We dont end up as a piece of rotting carcass after we die. Our soul will definitely leave the body to the other side. Im really sure of it.

Some people neglect reality and truth because they believe that FATE is actually predetermined and we get to change the other part of fate. Its an act to support the continuity of the will to live by self-projected belief.

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