Wednesday, May 11, 2011

kinect dance central

Dance Central. Looks pretty darn fancy. It is played using Xbox 360's Kinect hardware. You could say that this is a dancing game with an actually dancing, rather than flailing your arm and legs about try to catch up with the floating arrows on-screen. The pretty next gen visuals aren't there just for shows, but they're truly a part of the play. remember the psychedelic colours, hip dancers and flashing lights in previous music games? those are examples of graphics as novelty. when you're dancing you're focused on the moving arrows rather than the background graphics. the on-screen dancers aren't actually dancing to your moves and, sometimes, their dance aren't appropriate to the music at all.
 People may say the Kinect is nothing but a gimmick, which it may really be, however this has just introduces new ways certain games are supposed to be played. Instead of tapping on moving arrows, you might just dance for real (or close).

p/s: the dude thats playing this game is kinda annoying and creepy. wait until the games goes into freestyle, you'll see what i mean.

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