Sunday, November 14, 2010

Korean Cyberathletes

"To win a championship, you must have APM (actions per minute) between 200 and 300". That is fast. the normal person could probably do 60. I could hardly do 40 (an estimate, did really measured the thing).

And, "you can be fast, but not too fast". WTH, 200+ APM isnt fast enough? and you say not too fast? I'd replace my hands with a spasmic spider and still wouldn't go that fast. Its mind-boggling.


gapz 2.3 said...

it is cool but they cant actually feel the excitement already. its too serious and too competitive!

zen 0.56 beta version said...

its crazy? its like you're playing like a robot.

they should be laughing, giggling and having fun.

like these guys: