Friday, November 20, 2009


remember that word people say to be the longest word in English? that supercalifra-something-something? tongue-twisting.

I can't actually remember the name of the movie which introduced the word but I'm guessing it must have something to do with Mary Poppins.

While I was browsing the Net in search of famous internet memes, for personal research purposes (y'know memes like "all your base are belong to us", "O RLY?" and things like that), I found this.

I know what most of you might think before you even want to click that PLAY button: "This is another one of those internet remixes, which will be silly and I don't to waste 3 minutes 11 seconds of life as I have wasted the last 4 minutes visiting this blog". It might not be up to the tastes of most people but let me assure you that. I find this remix very....very....i don't know the word for it. "Good", probably. "Surprisingly catchy", yes. It has that feel of a Euro-Pop mix. Kinda like one of those Euro trance music those guys in Europe make.

If you like it, the author have generously provided a link to a free download of the mp3, here.
Or directly, here